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We can’t wait for our governments to make the changes we know we need. Increase demand for sustainable products, services, and practices for a brighter and kinder future.

We only allow Brands on our site that are making substantial efforts to:

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Our mission is simple. Create an easy way for people to live, shop, play, stay the sustainable way. Searching on Google can be time-consuming when you want to quickly assess if a product, service, or organisation shares the same values. On Seeking Eco you can clearly see if a listing is organic, toxic-free, plastic-free, zero waste, vegan and more.. in fact, every listing on our platform is doing something towards a brighter and kinder, more sustainable future.



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We invest all our time into search engine ranking our listings so you don't have to worry about it. In fact, even listing your businesses will improve your own websites SEO. We are all about getting your business found and sharing the sustainable things you do with others.

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We are not just a sustainable business directory. We are a community of like-minded people that genuinely want to build a brighter and kinder future. Listing your business with us will open you up to that community as we share your posts, create original content for you and get people following your channels.

Feature article

Raising money for NGOs with retail purchases

i = Change

Imageine if a simple choice could change a life. Now it can.

i=Change makes it simple for online retailers to give back from every sale, with 100% transparency. i=Change allows retail brands to build purpose into their brand and turn every transaction into a memorable customer experience.

By building an innovative and valuable platform for retailers, i=Change has created a new funding stream for best-practice NGOs, focused on women and girls’ empowerment as well as urgent global issues, such as climate change.

Now in partnership with iconic brands such as P.E Nation, Manning Cartell, Clarins and Bed Threads, i=Change has already raised over $4.6m and counting for its NGO partners.


“We have a vision to make giving back one of the most powerful commitments business can make – and accelerate the work and impact of extraordinary development projects” Jeremy Meltzer, Founder & CEO, I=Change